Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Color Yellow

    The color yellow is everywhere!  Spring is here and Latvia is transforming into a city of celebration.  The street cafes are bringing out tables for dining outside.  Musicians are all out playing on the side streets.  The park is full of people including all of the American families in the adoption process.  We spent 4 hours on Sunday in the park enjoying time with friends!  What an amazing day! 
    Our Monday was a full day as we traveled down to Peter's region for our second court visit.  It was a long and FAST ride....., but we survived!  The court session was successful and we were approved as adoptive parents.  This means that we can continue the bonding time at home.  This was a very special day for our family!  Peter finally has a family to love and take good care of him.
    Tuesday morning was a special day for David as we attended his court here in Riga.  It was a very emotional morning as he brought the whole room to tears.  His speech to the court broke my heart!  God truly has plans for this precious young man.  Mike and I are overwhelmed by the love that we already feel for these boys. 
    After court, we enjoyed a quick lunch and then went back to the apartment.  On our way home, we found two pieces of broken stone.  We decided to bring the pieces home and write the boys old names in permanent marker on the stone and then toss them in the Daugava River.  We believe the past is in the past!  God has plans for these two boys to prosper....great plans for the future.  We feel so honored to be a part of this plan. 
    Our night ended with a special birthday dinner for our friend Marci Burkhart.  We had dinner over by the Riga center with the Burkharts, our translator Dace, and her husband and daughter, and their friend Alina.  It was a wonderful day of special memories.
    Tomorrow is our visa interview at the US Embassy.  We are so excited as we are beginning to make plans to travel home.  I miss my sweet children and cannot wait to grab them and give them lots of hugs and kisses.  My heart is longing to have all of my loved ones together under one roof.


  1. What a beautiful story God is writing! I'm blessed to read it!

  2. I don't know you, but I love you! I love you because I love our GOD who places such love in our hearts that we have the love/desire to cross the world to bring HIS/our children home! Praising God that he answered my prayer for a family for Davids and that YOU heard HIS call! I love you my family in Christ!
    Angi Cooper (waiting for our daughter to come home from Ethiopia)

  3. I came to read your blog from Linny's. How wonderful that you are adding two boys at once to your family. Certainly a rich blessing all around!

    I am curious about the broken rocks. I think I don't understand about the past being the past as the past is part of the boys' stories. Also, boys' names, rocks, river - disturbing image for me. I only wonder if for the boys it might be the same - like discounting or throwing away their past. (This is the only reason I bring this up)

    I think it would be very cool to keep those rocks in a special place to remember where the boys have come from and how God took care of them for you. The rocks seem like such significant markers to me. Hey - how about labeling rocks for the whole family and placing them together in a dish - together!

    Bless you as you come home and continue your forever family!

  4. !Kathy,
    Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Don't be concerned about our boys as they took this experience and ran with it! All of our past is in the past....our sins are washed away. Life begins anew and happy memoirs full of love and security awaits. What a beautiful memory to leave a piece of who you are in God's creation...a beautiful river. Their safe and the healing of life's bumps and bruises shall begin. I am so glad God gave me these precious boys. So put your worry to the side.....

  5. OK great. I knew I didn't really get it and I'm thrilled that the boys ran with it! Now I see the river as beautiful, healing and cleansing.

    Yes, I see our past is in the past. And yet, God was always telling his people to remember - not remember their sins, but His mighty acts. Hurray for His mighty acts, that's for sure!

    I'll be back. I've been following with joy for some time from BC, Canada. 15 years ago we informally adopted a 16 year old boy. He's married to a treasure of a woman and is the daddy to three.

    You are so kind to respond : )

  6. God does indeed have a plan for your boys. Thank you for stepping out and trusting Him with your lives as well. Would love to read a transcript of David's speech to the court. I'm sure it would be inspiring to many.