Friday, April 1, 2011

Friend....A Beautiful Word

    The last couple of days have been filled with lots of laughter and special memories.  Mike and I have been blessed to have found a sweet couple, the Burkharts, who are staying in our apartment building.  Our new friends and their precious three boys have brightened our life and helped pass the time the last few days.  Our boys love their youngsters and the adult company has truly been an encouragement.  It reminds me of how friendship is truly a gift to be treasured and never taken for granted.  I love having another mother to share the fears, concerns, joys and dreams that are running through my mind.  I also feel so lucky to be a part of the first few days of their bonding with their young boys. 
    Our boys are doing very well and we are bonding quickly.  I love both of them deeply and cannot imagine our family without Peter and David.  Peter keeps us all laughing!  He is so full of energy and interesting humor.  He never meets a stranger!  He loves our new friends.  He is constantly taking Marcy's or Craig's arm and telling them a silly joke.  We love him and know that God sent sent him to us at just the right time.
    David, our "fix it" man has grabbed hold of our hearts.  He is very intellectual  and always has great insight on most subjects.  I cannot imagine what his life might have been if God had not opened this door.  He is going to amaze us all!
     I once again have tears in my eyes as I think of how God has changed me these last few months.  My heart is so full and my mind is spinning from all of the emotions.  I am forever changed by the blessing of our time in Latvia.  I know that God sent me on this journey to open my eyes and brand my heart with a desire to help orphans. 
    My boys are looking forward to their future in America.  God is a faithful God and has shown His mighty power through much answered prayer the last few months.  I cannot explain how blessed we have been through all of the prayer that has surrounded this adoption.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.....we have felt each prayer. 
    I am posting some beautiful pictures of our boys and new friends.  Please notice the beautiful happy faces.....faces of children who now have families.  Each time I look at the faces.....unspeakable joy.....a joy that resonates through my soul. 
    The picture of all the boys standing on a wall is amazing.  The concrete is a piece of the Berlin Wall.  Freedom.....future....hope ....all words these boys will now understand.

    Thank you God for grabbing hold of my heart and sending me on this journey.  You and only you are worthy of all honor and praise!


  1. Its so beautiful to read this post! God has a beautiful way of forming families and of bring hope where there was no reason to hope before. Praising God that you guys are boding and making friends. How much longer before you get to all go home?

  2. Freedom!!! What a beautiful word! Praising God with your family today!:)

  3. I think the last picture is my favorite...kicking back with dad!!!

  4. Wonderful post, Penny! It's so wonderful to read your posts and see the pictures. Praising God with you!! <3

  5. your family's story continues to inspire me every time I look at your blog!~ I found your blog through one of your blogging friends and I am so glad I did. To see the smile's of your new teenagers and your heart is amazing! From one Mother with a teen boy to another, thank you for posting your story and sharing a part of your life. It is truly amazing and I know a gift from God.

  6. Thank you SO much for sharing the pictures of Marci and her family!! Ive known Marci forever...literally :) It puts such a joy in my heart to know that these two very special families are spending time together!!

  7. Oh Penny!! I've just completely soaked in every detail of your entire trip!!!! I'm soooo excited to see you guys united!!!! I've been so busy at home getting adjusted with our new one I've obviously been out of the loop!!! THRILLED!!!!! PRAYERS for your all! The boys look great! Couldn't be happier, keep the updates and photos coming!

  8. The pictures are all heart warming, of course, but my favorite is of David and Peter on the bus? train? Brothers. From not having a family to....brothers. It overwhelms my emotions. Thank you God for orchestrating all this!