Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Blue Fin

        What an exciting adventure we are about to begin!!  The boys tried out last night for the Blue Fin swim team through our local recreation department.  All three boys were so excited and cannot wait to go back tonight for more practice.  I have to smile as I think about how life has changed for my two sons from across the great pond.  Just a few short months ago a whole different daily routine existed for these precious kids.  God truly is in control and moves so magnificently through our lives with His plans.  I shudder to think of the life that was ahead for my boys.  A life without parents, a brother, two sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and wonderful friends. I write those words tears just well up in my eyes.  I cannot thank God enough for the gift of love that he has given me through this adoption.  I have been able to personally witness the hand of God work so beautifully in my own life.  I know that without the struggles of every up and down of the past year that I would not be the same woman that sits and writes today.  This woman has been tried, saddened, disappointed, amazed, overwhelmed, angered, brought to her knees, but truly blessed.
    The boys are growing each day.  Over the last 5 months they both have grown almost 3 inches.  I can tell that slowly they are letting go of past fears and disappointments.  I can see trust building and relationships strengthening.  I cannot share this information without feeling joyful I know that GOD planned this before they were born.  I still stand amazed at His magnificence.  He can take ordinary people with ordinary lives and use them for His glory.  As I walk through this journey, I can only hope that I will please him through my actions, words and thoughts. 
    So for now, the house of Kilgore is very busy.  We are looking forward to our final trip to Latvia next month.  I think the boys are tired of the travel as much as the adults.  I think they just want to look to the future and give themselves to their new lives.  God has a plan for such a future for these precious kids and I know a mom and dad who will be standing with pride as they step into the plan.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Fresh Breeze is Blowing!

    Today was a wonderful day here in Latvia....sun was shining, breeze was blowing and my sweet boys were smiling.  It feels like fall in America here in Latvia.  We walked around Old Riga and shopped for our friend Kevin some Latvian shoes.  We had lunch at Double Coffee and enjoyed the street music and beauty of this amazing city.  Tomorrow will be our first court here in Riga.  Afterwards, we will go to David's orphanage for a short visit. It will be a nice time for David to see his friends. 
   We have just arrived home from dinner with his friend Alex.  We met at McDonalds and enjoyed some time talking together.  We had some presents to give Alex from his host mom and dad.  It was such a sweet time and I love getting to spend time with these kids.  God is doing such a huge work in each of their lives and it is truly powerful to be a part and share in His plan.  I serve a mighty God who is ever present!!!  I know that He is the one whose hand has guided this journey.  I will never cease to praise Him for he has heard the cry of these orphans and has provided the means to help them.  Please pass on all the info about each of the hosting programs.....(Christmas hosting will be soon!!)
   Here are some pictures of our fun day....

Monday, August 22, 2011

Latvia Oh Latvia......

Dear Friends,

    It has been a while since I last wrote in our blog....., but life has truly changed in the house of Kilgore!!  We are now a family of seven and wow the dynamics of a house with four teenagers and one middle schooler.  It is enough to truly yell.....Calgon take me away.  I remind Mike constantly that I told him when we first got married that I wanted 6 children.  He should be thanking his lucky stars that God changed it to 5!  Ha! Ha!  Although there are moments when my mind is overwhelmed with responsibilities.....I have never been more satisfied and sure of my role as a mother.  God brought each of these special blessings to me for 5 different reasons.  I thank him constantly for His provisions and His amazing love. 
    Yesterday, we arrived in Riga, Latvia to complete our adoption.  This is our second of three trips and one of the most important as this trip finalizes the adoption portion of the process.  We will attend court on Wednesday and Thursday and fly home on Friday.  Last night when we arrived exhausted from a long journey....Latvia was in celebration of 810 years.  The city was illuminated by fireworks and excitement in the streets.  I was reminded of the beauty of this city and the strength of the Latvian people.  I am so thankful to be given the honor of sharing in the heritage of my boys.  I love them both so very much and I am so thankful that I have this opportunity to understand their culture. 
    We are staying in an apartment that belongs to a local pastor here in Riga.  He is a wonderful man and has been so helpful.  I will forward his information to anyone who is interested in renting an apartment for their adoption trips.  I will take some pics of the apartment and post later for everyone to view.
    As for now, we are off the get something to eat and shop at Rimi (our favorite grocery store).  I brought both my Double Coffee and Cili Pica discount know you have to coupon even in Latvia!
    Looking forward to our court dates and praying for our family at home.

Ata'....for now


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Rainbow.....

I haven't had a moment to sit down and write since we first came home from Latvia.  I returned to work right away and resumed my position as taxi driver for my children's activities.  My head is still spinning from all of the amazing answers to prayers that God has granted.  It is only right here in this moment that I am realizing the strength that my precious prayer warriors out there have provided for me.  I thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your kindness and support.  Oh how I need prayer as I begin to tackle the task of wife, full time mother...counselor..and four teenagers, and one very active 9 year old little boy.  Oh yeah....and currently full time employed school teacher!  Wow...that exhaust me just writing it!!!  However...I am a blessed daughter of the King.  He knows everything about me.....the good, the bad and at times the ugly!  He knows my disappointments, sorrows, my regrets and the deep desires of my heart.  He has answered a huge prayer for my boys....he paved the road for their safety and gave them a family.  He has given me an opportunity to serve him with an open heart and has lit a fire to love those in great need.  He is holy and magnificent and I know that I will never be the same again. 
    Today....I am praising God for His magnificent provision .  As I sit here and write and think about all that has transpired here in the US and abroad over the last few days......I am more than certain of God's presence in all things.  He brings people together for His glory.  It is through tragedy....that we find the greatest sense of God's presence.  The master of of all beautiful creations has the master plan.  He knows what is behind....ahead and how the story finishes.  Praise God with me for His provision and His amazing love.  How Great is Our God!!!!

I love you my sweet prayer warriors.....please pray for the children on the next hosting program.  I wish that every orphan had the avenue that my sweet David received.  If we all work together we can give each child a chance for a family.  Spread the word....continue to donate.....pray and seek the Lord for families that will open their hearts for these kids.  Tears roll down my cheeks and fill my heart as I remember the moment He captured my heart and directed me on this path.  It took me to my knees and I will never be the same. 


Here are some current pictures of our family......

Sunday, April 17, 2011



    This weekend has been amazing!!  We started out our Friday night with a tornado warning and sirens blaring several times throughout the night.  It was a sleepless night, as I worried about the fears that may be going through all of my children's minds. I however was very concerned as my two new sons are not used to our southern United States spring thunderstorms.  We here on the Kilgore farm are becoming very accustom to the sound of the sirens as a few years ago we experienced a terrible tornado and lots of damage to our home and farm. we all know God has a way of bringing a rainbow following a storm.  We awoke on Saturday to a beautiful sunny day.
    We spent a wonderful day together as a family.  We ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant...(which was very interesting for the boys), then visited Ole McDermitt farm to pet the spring animals and then on to Newnan, Georgia for glow in the dark mini golf!  It was a very special outing and the kids truly enjoyed the first full day together being brothers and sisters!  We finished our day at Barnes and Noble.....our family's favorite hang out!  We introduced our new members to our love of books!!  I just love to walk in a bookstore and I want my boys to love the adventure of reading.  I guess it is the teacher in me.   I want them to soak up all that life has to offer....!! I was watching them walk around and look at the books...something hit me that truly almost made me double over.....I am not is....God used my life to change the future of two boy's lives!  I don't  know why He would use me or believe that I am worthy of such an honor.  One of my sweet friends here on this blog used the word radical in a comment.....this word made me smile because it truly captures the essence of what God is doing in my life.  He has changed me forever and I pray that He is not finished and that our family has only seen and witnessed the tip of the iceberg. I  never dreamed that I could love so openly....but I know it is God who is opening this door.  I can feel His power and I know that He is in control.  He knows my tomorrow and I pray that I will pass forward these blessings that have truly been given to my family.
     We finished our beautiful weekend with our church service this morning.  It was amazing to sit in the service and listen to the beautiful praise music and know what God has done for my children.  I am so thankful that He adopted me into His family and that I am a daughter of the King!!!


       I don't have pictures today....because my camera was stolen in Latvia.  :(

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home

    Home is a beautiful word.  Our reunion with our children was amazing.  When we arrived at the airport and finally made it to our family and friends....Mike and me were very emotional. 
    Our welcoming committee greeted us with posters and flowers.  Our dear friends, the McDermitts and Mrs. Karen Lim were waiting with big smiles.  Of course, it was after midnight, but love crosses all time zones!  I am so very thankful that God places just the right people in our lives at just the right time. 
    When we arrived home, both David and Peter were so excited.  They ran and found their room.  Our dogs, Riley and Joe, both took to the boys.  They greeted them with lots of love!!  I cannot express the honor that I felt as I watched these boys put their things in their very own room and find their place in our home.  A home full of family, love, dreams, and strength to persevere!  Life is full of ups and downs, but now these boys will have a family to stand behind, beside and under them when they need us.
    Thanks for your prayers!  We have truly felt each one of them.  I will continue to post in this blog....because so many wonderful memories are ahead.  God Bless each of you who have have been such an encouragement. 


    I am also so very thankful to my sweet friend, Mrs. Cindy Muse, who delivered two large boxes of wonderful clothes for my boys.  I love you....!!  I would also like to thank my beautiful and precious mother who sacrificed a month of her life to keep my children.  Momma, you are my hero!  I could not have traveled so far for so long without your love and support. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beautiful Memories

    Our time in Latvia has come to an end and today we will fly home.  We packed our bags and have just straightened up the apartment.  It is now time to wait for the our taxi to the airport and then wait for our 2:30 flight.  This will be the longest day as back in time!  Our hearts are full. minds carved with memories and plans made for the future.  I would say that the last four weeks have taught me more than all of my.....years on this earth.  Perseverance, strength, forgiveness, and hope.....all words that describe every emotion that has run through my mind in a month.  The essence of human heart is captured by how God has taken care of my boys for all of these years.  I have a difficult time fighting back the tears.....I cannot wait to see them succeed!  
    Anyway....this is a morning of rejoicing and I am praising my precious Savior for grabbing my heart.  I am forever changed by this journey....which still requires 2 more trips. God has placed Latvia on my heart and I pray that I will have the opportunity to come back through missions. 
   Rejoice with me as we return home and begin joining our family.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Color Yellow

    The color yellow is everywhere!  Spring is here and Latvia is transforming into a city of celebration.  The street cafes are bringing out tables for dining outside.  Musicians are all out playing on the side streets.  The park is full of people including all of the American families in the adoption process.  We spent 4 hours on Sunday in the park enjoying time with friends!  What an amazing day! 
    Our Monday was a full day as we traveled down to Peter's region for our second court visit.  It was a long and FAST ride....., but we survived!  The court session was successful and we were approved as adoptive parents.  This means that we can continue the bonding time at home.  This was a very special day for our family!  Peter finally has a family to love and take good care of him.
    Tuesday morning was a special day for David as we attended his court here in Riga.  It was a very emotional morning as he brought the whole room to tears.  His speech to the court broke my heart!  God truly has plans for this precious young man.  Mike and I are overwhelmed by the love that we already feel for these boys. 
    After court, we enjoyed a quick lunch and then went back to the apartment.  On our way home, we found two pieces of broken stone.  We decided to bring the pieces home and write the boys old names in permanent marker on the stone and then toss them in the Daugava River.  We believe the past is in the past!  God has plans for these two boys to prosper....great plans for the future.  We feel so honored to be a part of this plan. 
    Our night ended with a special birthday dinner for our friend Marci Burkhart.  We had dinner over by the Riga center with the Burkharts, our translator Dace, and her husband and daughter, and their friend Alina.  It was a wonderful day of special memories.
    Tomorrow is our visa interview at the US Embassy.  We are so excited as we are beginning to make plans to travel home.  I miss my sweet children and cannot wait to grab them and give them lots of hugs and kisses.  My heart is longing to have all of my loved ones together under one roof.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friend....A Beautiful Word

    The last couple of days have been filled with lots of laughter and special memories.  Mike and I have been blessed to have found a sweet couple, the Burkharts, who are staying in our apartment building.  Our new friends and their precious three boys have brightened our life and helped pass the time the last few days.  Our boys love their youngsters and the adult company has truly been an encouragement.  It reminds me of how friendship is truly a gift to be treasured and never taken for granted.  I love having another mother to share the fears, concerns, joys and dreams that are running through my mind.  I also feel so lucky to be a part of the first few days of their bonding with their young boys. 
    Our boys are doing very well and we are bonding quickly.  I love both of them deeply and cannot imagine our family without Peter and David.  Peter keeps us all laughing!  He is so full of energy and interesting humor.  He never meets a stranger!  He loves our new friends.  He is constantly taking Marcy's or Craig's arm and telling them a silly joke.  We love him and know that God sent sent him to us at just the right time.
    David, our "fix it" man has grabbed hold of our hearts.  He is very intellectual  and always has great insight on most subjects.  I cannot imagine what his life might have been if God had not opened this door.  He is going to amaze us all!
     I once again have tears in my eyes as I think of how God has changed me these last few months.  My heart is so full and my mind is spinning from all of the emotions.  I am forever changed by the blessing of our time in Latvia.  I know that God sent me on this journey to open my eyes and brand my heart with a desire to help orphans. 
    My boys are looking forward to their future in America.  God is a faithful God and has shown His mighty power through much answered prayer the last few months.  I cannot explain how blessed we have been through all of the prayer that has surrounded this adoption.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.....we have felt each prayer. 
    I am posting some beautiful pictures of our boys and new friends.  Please notice the beautiful happy faces.....faces of children who now have families.  Each time I look at the faces.....unspeakable joy.....a joy that resonates through my soul. 
    The picture of all the boys standing on a wall is amazing.  The concrete is a piece of the Berlin Wall.  Freedom.....future....hope ....all words these boys will now understand.

    Thank you God for grabbing hold of my heart and sending me on this journey.  You and only you are worthy of all honor and praise!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

God's Amazing Plan

    Today has been a wonderful day!  We enjoyed our second visit from the social worker from Riga's orphan court.  Our friend and translator Dace accompanied her to translate for everyone.  David was presented with some documents to sign.  He has already turned 16, so he has more authority in the decision.  He was excited and signed the documents immediately.....what a blessing!  He is a precious child and we are so blessed to be given the opportunity to be his parents. 
    After our visit with the social worker, our new friends the Burkharts from Wisconsin came over to visit.  They are adopting a sibling group of three boys.  The Burkharts are a wonderful couple and their three boys are precious!  God is such an amazing creator and master of all plans!  These precious boys have a wonderful family that will love, protect and care for them......and God knew all along which family these boys would join.  I am so thankful that our trips coincided, and Mike and I were able to share in their joy.  A joy that brings tears to my eyes!  I watched the youngest boy climb into his mother's arms and snuggle his sweet face towards her hug.  I can hardly write for the tears that have formed in my eyes and the overwhelming feeling of joy in my heart.  God is an amazing God!
    After lunch, we walked to the Galleria and shopped at Rimi for a few groceries.  I bought some wonderful hand cut soap at Stenders.  On our way back, we noticed some nice handmade items for sale.  Old Riga is such a beautiful  part of town.  The old streets are beautiful and the cobblestone roads take a traveler back in time. 
    It is a beautiful day in Riga.  The weather is very nice and my heart is full.  The blessing of adoption is overwhelming and I am so thankful to be a witness to God's hand at work!  Please continue to pray for our family at home...LillieAnna has double ear infections again....and has a terrible cold.  My mom is tired and weary from the daily routine of three children and two small high maintenance dogs.  She has been a life saver to our family and I COULD NOT have accomplished a 4 week trip without her support.  I love you have taught me how to love, give, pray, and open my heart.  You are my hero!!