Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Christmas to Remember dear sweet friends it has been a very long time since I have set at this computer and have written in my blog.  Life is very different and is constantly busy these days.  Our family is so very blessed and the last year has opened my eyes to what really matters in life.  The term family should not be used is truly a gift and should be treasured ALWAYS! Not everyone is blessed to have such a gift and when you have the precious opportunity to spend time with a child who has never had a will change you forever.  This Christmas....and I may not be able to write the rest of this.....we gave two boys new lives, roots, love, family memories, hugs, kisses and the very first Christmas presents of their whole lives. They participated in the Christmas Eve Communion Service as new believers.  They ran upstairs on Christmas morning and opened presents.  They ate Christmas dinner and drank hot chocolate as we sang carols on Christmas night.  I watched two young boys experience life and family for the first time.  It definitely was a Christmas to remember.
    I have to share this special entry of our first Christmas with the story of three other special children who also touched my life.  I have a very dear friend whose heart has strengthened my heart for the love of orphans.  Her name is Kayla McDermitt and she and her husband opened their home once again this Christmas to three precious children from the Ukraine. The sibling group is truly four as baby brother was too young to travel through the program.  One of our special days of waiting for the "Big Day" was full of excitement as we joined our large family along with the McDermitts here at our home for lunch.  Now the McDermitts are a family of 9 and we are a family of along with 3 other little was a day!!  A day full of blessings and laughter and love!  The squeals of joy from those sweet voices will ring in my ears forever. dear friend and her husband and all 7 of her beautiful children are going to bring these four kids into their lives and give them a forever family.  Now, you tell me if you know of a more brave, courageous, loving, self denying and Christ following act than to give a home to the homeless....a father to the fatherless.  I love to watch God work and use his beloved to follow his commandment.  I was able to hold these sweet little children and receive hugs and kisses and watch their eyes light up with excitement.  It was fun to listen to my older boys speak Russian and be the "big brother" to these sweet kids.  I stand in amazement at our God as he brought children from the other the other side of the world.....out of their pain to give them a chance for a family.  MY GOD REIGNS AND REIGNS AND REIGNS!!  Please help me pray for the McDermitts as they begin this journey.....financially and spiritually.
    So my friends with a full heart and a tear stained face.....I end this entry with a smile in my heart, a peaceful feeling down in my soul and a strong urge to praise my precious this has truly has been a Christmas to remember!!!

                                                         Our Family Christmas


  1. Beautiful post. Do your friends have a blog? I would love to read their story, too. We are waiting to bring our two little boys home from the Philippines. Exciting times!

  2. JOYOUSLY FULL OF TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How Blessed is it when we follow the Lord!!!! Love this post!!!!!! Nothing better than Christ in your homes filled with all those that HE places there!!!