Monday, January 23, 2012

God Loves You....

    Through the eyes of preschoolers and the sweet sound of tiny voices, I was reminded this week of God's amazing love.  My dear friend, Mrs. Cathy Mercier asked me to substitute at our church preschool.  It was a precious few days as I stepped into a world of imagination and unconditional love.  Preschoolers have such a gift of sharing everything... and I mean EVERYTHING!!  What a blessing to spend some time in their little world.  My favorite part of preschool is the time set aside for "Big Church".  The class lines up and walks all the way upstairs and down the hall to the chapel.  As they walk to the chapel they pass the Sanctuary where Sunday church is held and then make their way down the hall to the chapel.  As they enter the chapel, Mrs. Cathy welcomes them with soft music on her acoustic guitar.  The children with their sweet expressions and open hearts...(oh if only we all had those open hearts again....) find their seats and then wait for the lesson of the day.  It was in that moment this week.....that the Holy Spirit touched my heart.  I looked up and saw my friend playing her guitar standing in front of this beautiful stained glass window and beside me these precious innocent children and I felt something profound.....GOD LOVES ME.  This was Mrs. Cathy's simple message for "Big Church" is amazing.....He is magnificent.....He is omnipresent.....and He is always on time.  We have the opportunity to praise him with song.....with story and with the sweet sound of a room full of preschoolers.  I haven't been able to shake those simple words....God Loves Me....His love is unconditional and He waits for us to open our hearts and let Him in!  Our God is so great!!!!
    Today marks an amazing day as it is my sweet David's birthday.  It was a year ago that we learned of our David and his cry out for a family.  Our God is still in the business of miracles. He heard the cry of this young boy.....because God Loves my David.  He brought a family half way across the world two weeks before it was too late and gave this young man roots, hopes, dreams and a chance for a bright future.  My God is great.....oh how HE LOVES ME!!

                            Chocolate Divine...David's request...Chocolate covered Strawberries!!

                                                              GOD LOVES YOU!!!

                                      Give Him your heart......You will never regret it!!


  1. the photos as well.


  2. AMEN!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday David!!! God totally LOVES YOU!!!!!

  3. What a precious post! I am so happy for David! And for you!

  4. How glorious!! Can it really be a year? A year since I stumbled upon Davids story thru Lisa's blog? I have been silently reading, following, and praying for this amazing young man, and his amazing family. May God continue to richly bless you all.

    In Him,
    Laura (in Virginia)

    1. PS... That chocolate and strawberry confection looks AWESOME!!!

  5. I love following along with your family's journey! What a savior! What a salvation!