Wednesday, March 30, 2011

God's Amazing Plan

    Today has been a wonderful day!  We enjoyed our second visit from the social worker from Riga's orphan court.  Our friend and translator Dace accompanied her to translate for everyone.  David was presented with some documents to sign.  He has already turned 16, so he has more authority in the decision.  He was excited and signed the documents immediately.....what a blessing!  He is a precious child and we are so blessed to be given the opportunity to be his parents. 
    After our visit with the social worker, our new friends the Burkharts from Wisconsin came over to visit.  They are adopting a sibling group of three boys.  The Burkharts are a wonderful couple and their three boys are precious!  God is such an amazing creator and master of all plans!  These precious boys have a wonderful family that will love, protect and care for them......and God knew all along which family these boys would join.  I am so thankful that our trips coincided, and Mike and I were able to share in their joy.  A joy that brings tears to my eyes!  I watched the youngest boy climb into his mother's arms and snuggle his sweet face towards her hug.  I can hardly write for the tears that have formed in my eyes and the overwhelming feeling of joy in my heart.  God is an amazing God!
    After lunch, we walked to the Galleria and shopped at Rimi for a few groceries.  I bought some wonderful hand cut soap at Stenders.  On our way back, we noticed some nice handmade items for sale.  Old Riga is such a beautiful  part of town.  The old streets are beautiful and the cobblestone roads take a traveler back in time. 
    It is a beautiful day in Riga.  The weather is very nice and my heart is full.  The blessing of adoption is overwhelming and I am so thankful to be a witness to God's hand at work!  Please continue to pray for our family at home...LillieAnna has double ear infections again....and has a terrible cold.  My mom is tired and weary from the daily routine of three children and two small high maintenance dogs.  She has been a life saver to our family and I COULD NOT have accomplished a 4 week trip without her support.  I love you have taught me how to love, give, pray, and open my heart.  You are my hero!!


  1. So glad it's going wonderfully! Praying for a wonderful transition and many blessings for your family!!! (not to mention your little one at home getting well!)

  2. Penny, I'm so glad to "share" this journey with you via this outlet. How awesome to see your son be excited to sign those documents! That's a pretty unique experience in the adoption community and one that I'm glad you've been blessed with!

  3. Just amazed at how God is working out your adoptions and your friends too! What an awesome God! Please pray for some children with downs syndrome to be released their adoption was denied!

  4. I stand in awe at the handiwork of our Lord...he puts the stars in place and orchestrates families...and will continue to pray for you and all the family still at home.


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