Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Healer Listens


    Have you ever felt like no one was listening to you?  I mean really listening to what you were saying.  As a parent of teenagers and a high school teacher.....I always feel like no one is listening.  Between the ipods, text messages, busy schedules and the crazy moments of teenage drama.....I feel like no one is listening.  This my friend is also part of being a parent.  Parenthood with all the ups and the downs is still a gift from God.    It is in these moments, that I seek my prayer closet for the sweet ear of the great counselor.  It is in these moments when I know my heart, my soul, my needs and my desires are all heard by the healer.  The one who never is too busy.....the one who takes every petition to heart.  
    Today has been a day when I need to climb into the arms of my precious Savior and cry to him.  The road of adoption is full of hurry and wait.  It is through patience that we learn that God truly reveals his love.  My desire is to honor my precious King.  Lord, I give you my heart and I will wait on your time.  In the mean while, I will pour out my soul to you..........who listens!



  1. Continuing to pray with you on your journey! Dear Lord we lift this beautiful family to you. May you guide them, give them strength, and peace in you perfect ways that we often don't understand. Please be with them through the storms they are facing and will face as they wait. Hold them in your unfailing arms of love for all of them!

  2. The wait is brutal and this journey is not for the faint of heart and not for those who don't have strong faith...hang in there! I hope your process is a fast one and you have lots of peace!!!

    Myra (from China - just home Sunday)

  3. What a blessed peace we have to know that God not listens to our words, but also our heart.