Friday, January 28, 2011

All For the Glory Of Christ......

Hello Friends!

    Today was an extremely busy and long day.  It was full of many different school events.  Whew.....I am tired to say the least.  It is finally quiet in the house and I can take a moment to post this thought that jumped out at me this morning during my quiet time.  I have been very busy with work, family, fundraising, gathering info and waiting on the "phone call".  It has basically been this way since last August when Peter returned to Latvia.  This morning as I sat and prayed for many different things.....I began to think about the busyness of life.  Our family is very involved in school, church and extra-curricular activities.  I made a list the other day of the activities our family is connected to and presented it to the clan at dinner.  We were all amazed that we were even at home for dinner.....we made some decisions in that meeting.....we all need to cut out one activity!  
    Busyness does not always equal success.  Sometimes it can lead to disaster.  Our family is not quiet that bad....we manage to spend quality time together.  I even seem to be able to spend individual time with my kids, however our lives are very busy.  As I was making the list, I categorized things into different areas of priority.  As I was making the decisions of where each activity would be placed, I thought about what God would consider a priority and a need.  Which activities in our lives would bring him glory.....which ones would bring us closer to him.....which ones consumed us and took us away from him.  I remembered this beautiful song our choir sings called "All for the Glory".  I want desperately for my life to represent Christ and I want to live for His glory.  It isn't easy....the busyness is blinding.  It easily consumes a family like quick sand.  So with these thoughts, I am reminded that life is about love, and quality time with friends and family.  Time is precious and should be guarded.  The moments of time should be used for the glory of Christ.

 "You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments
  when you have really lived are the moments when you have 
  done things in the spirit of love."   ~Henry Drummond


This is a picture of my husband and Peter on his last day in America.  Tears in both of their eyes!  Precious moments of time!


  1. This picture makes me heartbreaking to have to say goodbye. I'm so glad it is a temporary goodbye. Peter looks like a very precious boy.

    Susan P.

  2. I finally found out who you were and found your blog! I was praying for your Davids to find you after reading someone else's blog. I just never found out who the family was that said "yes"! Your story is amazing and beautiful. Thank you also for your post "God is the God of Second Chance...of Fat Chance or the Only Chance." I am so very, very moved, and had tears in my eyes for several of your posts. Praise God for all He has done!

  3. I too found your blog through reading about and praying for Davids forever family. Our family has a 3 and almost 6 yr old and this last year stepped out to join full time international missions. We too have talked about adoption and in the midst of all these things talk quite openly with our son who is nearly 6. Tonight at dinner after not having talked about Davids since the day we found out he had a forever family, my son spontaneously thanked God for Davids and for you his forever family. It was so touching and I know Gods heart was touched. Your blog has been a good check for me in my own life and walk with the Lord. Thank you for showing him to the world! I have definitely added your blog to my regulars! I wasn't sure how to email or I would have-blessings on you all and we will continue to pray for you and your family including Peter and David. -Carolyn