Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Second Chance

Hello Friends!

    I have finally found a moment to sit down and write my thoughts that have been spinning through my mind the last couple of days.  First, I must say that God is so good!  He has sent a group of wonderful new friends to my life through this blog.  It has and will be an honor to share this journey with you.  Thank you for the posts and for your stories on each of your own blogs. You are truly a blessing to my life.
    This morning during my few moments of quiet before the rest of the Kilgore gang jumped into the day.......God reminded me of His forgiveness.  His forgiveness is amazing and he is faithful to love even when we choose not to follow his way.  As I was sitting in my favorite chair and holding my Bible (my favorite navy blue soft leather one), I was thinking about life and second chances.  I am sure that many of you at some time in your life have wished for a "do over".....to buy something, sale something, say something, walk away from something, or maybe forgive something.  This morning as I was thinking about the gift of adoption......I was thinking about second chances.  What a blessing, honor, responsibility, gift, and special chance to be some one's "second chance".  God is the God of the second chance.....the "fat chance"....the only chance!  I am thankful that He has been all of those in my personal life and He has given me the blessing of being a daughter of the King.  I look forward to what is ahead for my family as we open our home, hearts and lives to two precious young men and provide for them the "second chance". 



  1. Oh thank The Lord for second chances! I have been adopted twice! By my parents, and The Lord! Janet

  2. LOVE second chances...have had MANY of them myself....and given many to my babes too :)

  3. I too thank God for the myriad second chances He gives us!

    I just needed to write and say "thanks again!" for sharing your story. I think about David frequently, anticipating your meeting him (and Peter), Peter and his airplane travel to their new home, and all the exciting (and sometimes scary) things that are coming soon. I am praying fervently that all of the adjustments will be saturated with God's mercy and grace. I'm privileged to get to follow this special story.

    Part of me is imaging what your journey has been and will be like. I'd hoped to adopt from Ukraine years ago when hubby and I were dealing with infertility (stop me if I wrote this before :-)). God granted us a precious baby by domestic adoption, and 21 months later we gave birth to a home-grown kid. God gave us a special story, though of course at times I'd like to know what would have happened if we'd adopted internationally. Anywho... it's neat to live a bit vicariously through others' adoption stories, and it's always a privilege to take others' needs to our Father for His help. Praying for y'all!

  4. That is a beautiful sentiment and I love the way you expressed it. Your story and your faith is really inspiring! I can't wait to see those boys HOME with their family.