Saturday, March 26, 2011

Legos, Bakugan and Uno

    Today has been a very quiet day around the apartment!  We did run to the store....., but other than that trip...we have been in the apartment relaxing!  I cooked dinner and we sat around the table and laughed with one another!  These boys are amazing and we are becoming so close.....I think we all are very ready to come home!  The boys wanted to know if we could move up the travel date....Mike and I smiled at the thought, but we know we have to go through the process for the adoption.  It will all be worth the wait!!! 
   We played Uno after dinner and David put together his Bakugan puzzle in just a few minutes!  Then we all played several more games of Uno.... it reminds me of our camping the way I cannot wait for!!!!  Kilgore kids at home....pack your bags....I feel a family camp out coming soon.  T-Kirby finally has brothers to ride bikes with and to run through the woods!
   Everyone has had their showers and now the boys are sitting in their room playing their DS games.  A gift from a special grandmother for their Gotcha Days!  I will post a few pictures of the day.  I am overwhelmed by the love that Mike and I both feel for these boys.  They are precious young men and have already bonded as brothers.  David is so good with translating the words Peter struggles with and it is a true blessing.

    Tomorrow we will attend a service at the Dome houses the oldest organ in Europe.  I am so excited about the is in English.  We have been praying and reading the Bible with the boys.  I shared the story of Salvation and Mike explained that Salvation is a gift.  It was a wonderful Bible time last night.  We also shared the story of the gifts given for David and Peters adoption fund.  We shared how Project Hopeful heard David's story and raised so much money.....tears were in his eyes.  Those of you connected to Davids' donations.... this child understands the magnitude of this gift.  He is so thankful.....and I feel so unworthy, but I love him dearly and I am so thankful God chose our family.  God Bless you all....I love you so.........!  Please check out Project Hopeful's website and donate so that another child may find a family.  What a blessing that organization is for so many children. 


  1. Yay!!! I feel like a broken record! A beautiful post. A beautiful family created by God!

  2. I just sigh with contentment after reading about your time with the boys. It is just so awesome! Makes me yearn for our little blessing to be home.

  3. so wonderful!!! i LOVE reading your posts!! thanks so much for sharing. we are so thankful that we were able to contribute in bringing davids home to you all! God certainly has His hand on your family in a special way!! we adopted our sweet andrew in '06 from russia. what a gift adoption is!! i hope you continue to have a rich time there with your boys!!! may God richly bless you!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have been following Davids for a long time, and then "met" you as his family!! So excited to see that God has brought him a loving family with another Latvian brother!! Praising God for your beautiful journey!


  5. I sit here in joyful tears, so touched and blessed to hear this wonderful adoption story, so blessed to have been allowed to help in a small way. I too pray for Peter's and David's salvation, that they will see God's love in their adoption stories and that they will be used of God to share with others.

    I'm also thrilled that the boys are bonding with each other. What a special blessing to be adopted with someone who speaks your language and comes from a similar background.

    Words fail me... but THANK YOU for sharing. Praying for all of you!!!

  6. Hi Penny,

    I would like to share with you one more very special story related to David, but it is rather long and I'd rather it not be public. Would you please consider emailing me?

    I can't tell you how wonderful it is to read your posts! I am so grateful you are sharing this experience with us!

    Susan Baker

  7. I was looking at the pictures and thought to myself, "How wonderful for these boys to be smothered in love. To have someone WANT to take your picture and capture your every moment in life, even if you are just playing a video game, is something we take for granted. But what a special thing it is for these boys. No longer orphans, but SONS. What a great God we serve!!!