Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday....A Beautiful Day

    Today is Sunday and we attended a worship service at the Dome Cathedral in Old Riga.  The Pastor is American and at some time lived in Huntsville, Alabama.  It is an interdenominational service, but appears to be more of a Presbyterian worship.  It was nice to be standing in such a beautiful cathedral.....the oldest church in the region.  The pastor has such a kind demeanor and a beautiful voice.  We will definitely attend again next Sunday, however we miss our North Point Baptist service. 
    After the service, we went to the park to take some pictures.  There is a tradition here in Latvia for couples when they wed.  There is a bridge in the park and the couple attaches a lock to the iron handrails to signify their union.  They have the lock engraved with their names and wedding date....what a beautiful sentiment! 
    It was so pleasant sitting in this beautiful park enjoying the sun.  We watched families walking and catching the tram....such a relaxing day.

    A couple of other American families are in town on their adoption trips and we met a family from Wisconsin today.  Our sweet translator Dace, took us all to the market today.  It was wonderful spending some time with other adoptive parents from America. 

Here are some pictures from our walk today....


  1. We want to start an adoption bridge! Put our names & our son's on a lock when we are "offical."

  2. Love all the photos--thank you so much for sharing your journey with us!

    I posted this on FB regarding the locks, which I LOVE ... There is a similar place/tradition in Korea. I think it is called Seoul Tower, and many young couples go there to place locks, etc. But also lots of adoptive families go there when they travel to Korea to do the same thing regarding their forever families. It is the neatest tradition! XOXO

    Here is a blog post about it: