Monday, March 21, 2011

Peter's Gotcha Day!

    Today has been an amazing day....Peter's Gotcha Day!  This morning our sweet attorney Daina and her son picked us up to go to Peter's region for court.  As we drove out the city of Riga we noticed more snow piled up.  The further we drove out and the closer we drove towards the Russian border the more poverty and snow we saw.  It broke my heart and deepened the love I feel for the Latvian people.  We passed Salaspils which was a concentration camp during WWII.  Heartbreak, strength and endurance are three words that continuously come to my mind. 
    When we arrived in the region, we went to court.  The court consisted of three "jurors", a judge, and a secretary.  After thirty minutes of introductions, discussions, and questions, we were approved to begin the bonding time with Peter.  The judge had already met Peter and decided that he needed a family.  When we left the court, we drove to the foster family and picked up Peter.  It was a very emotional meeting!  It has been seven months since we put Peter on a plane back to Latvia.  We have missed him so much.  Both boys have captured our hearts and both have a place in our family. 
    Tomorrow, we need to go to the market.  We will take tram 7 to Stockmans and buy some groceries.  I know Mike would like visit a museum, and the boys have some plans for a water indoor water Latvia!  I have been working on math facts with David and he is doing very well.  Both boys are doing very well speaking and understanding English.  I am very proud of my boys and I love them so! 
    Please pray for my family at home.....we are all homesick for one another!  We skype every night, but I miss them so much.  Pray for our family here as we bond with one another and for God to give us opportunities to minister as a family.


  1. wooo hooo. so excited for you.

  2. So very wonderful. We are praying for you all.

  3. Precious!!!!!! Praise the Lord! These boys have a loving Heavenly Father and wonderful parents on this earth who them with that same love ;)
    Blessings upon the whole family!

  4. Oh, Penny, it seems I say it every single time, but tears, tears, tears. I am so blessed just reading your journey! I am so grateful to be able to read about it! Praying on for your time in Latvia and for peaceful hearts for your whole family!

  5. I LOVE the pic of your husband with the boys. And the last photo captures such incredible symbolism. The image of a frightened child in the background, and the smile of a redeemed child in the foreground. WOW!

  6. Happy Gotcha Day Peter! I am so very glad that God placed you in your family for such a time as this! Blessings! Janet

  7. Thank you for letting us share in your journey and joy! This is just so very wonderful!

    Just a note~ we have a friend who is a "tent-making" sort of missionary in Latvia~ (Although he was recently in Haiti helping with some reconstruction work there). So there ARE laborers there, although they may be few...


  8. Such wonderful pictures of you with your handsome sons! It makes me feel like crying. I love how happy the boys look.

  9. My father is from Estonia, the country above Latvia He escaped the Communist invasion by going through Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland to Germany during WWII. Tough times. So glad you're soaking up the boys history and culture. It will mean a lot to them later.

    I know this time of separation is hard for your family, but it is such a precious time of bonding that is so important. You will have such beautiful memories of this time. Cherish every moment.

    Love the smiles on the boys' faces. So happy for all of you!!!