Friday, March 25, 2011

What an Amazing Day!

   Today has been a full day of adventure!  We left the apartment and took a tram down to the train station.  We bought tickets out to Jurmala where the indoor water park is located.  David was our translator and helped purchase the tickets.  He is an amazing kid...very mature and concerned for our safety.  He is very conscious of the cost of everything....I know that God has great plans for this kid.  He has won my heart!
    Anyway, we loaded this train....praying we were headed in the right direction and left for the water park.  When we arrived at the stop, we exited the train and had to walk another 10 minutes!  The water park was interesting....we had to buy tickets for all four of us....even though, Mike and I were not swimming.  It turned out though, Mike did go down and join in the fun.  The park is amazing and has lots of slides on different levels.  It is freezing and snowing outside and people are in swimsuits having a great time.  The journey to the park is very difficult....these people truly want to swim!  The boys had a great time and swam in all of the pools.   This was a costly and tiresome activity, so we will slow down and hang around the apartment more this weekend.
    Both David and Peter are great swimmers!  Peter's personality is so fun and he makes friends very easy.  I watched from the third floor and he was talking to everyone.  I love that part of him.  He is a joy....a true blessing.  He loves music and to sing.  He is always singing for us.  It is funny because the music here seems to be somewhat from the 80's....Abba, Chicago, Michael Jackson.....understand??  Anyway, the music playing at the water park was Michael Jackson and of course Thriller!  Well, Peter can dance just like MJ.  I just thought I would make everyone smile!!!  
    Tonight my friends. I am reminded of the joy of special family time. When we left the water park, David said, "Thank you, Mom, today was the best day!" My face lit up and my heart sang with joy.  I only wish my three children could have been here to share in this day!  I miss them so very much. 


I took great pictures today.....without my memory card!!!  (:


  1. What fun! Can't wait to see the pictures!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  2. This is so sweet. What amazing boys you have!!

  3. How AMAZING!!!! YEAH :) How beautiful the families God creates :)

  4. It did make me smile to picture Peter dancing like MJ! :) I love reading these posts, love that you and the boys are bonding like this. Can't wait to read about all of you being home together soon. ~Heidi

  5. How wonderful!! I can't even imagine what a treat going to the water park must have been for those two boys, something most american kids would take for granted. I am so thrilled they are getting along, and bonding with their parents!!!! I can't wait to see the homecoming pictures of your WHOLE family together!

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